Fabric Face Masks

Children's reversible mask £7
Adult mask with filter pocket £10

Bespoke facemasks for children and adults are available to order. I make these masks to order from cotton. The children's masks are reversible, with two different patterns. You can request which fabrics you want. The adult's masks are not reversible, but do have a filter pocket, so you can add a third layer, if you want. The elastic is adjustable or you can request fabric ties that go around the head. More infmation and photos of masks here.

Phone, Email and Video Support

Massage during a pandemic is not a great idea, in my opinion. There are ways to help you to ease discomfort, pain or stiffness, by using stretches, as well as learning why you have developed a problem. We are each individuals with our own adaptations to our lifestyles and environment, so it makes sense that what works for one person may need tweaking for another. I offer personalised support for you, based on science and evidence. This can be done with a phone consultation or a video call, whichever works for you, after which you will receive a treatment plan by email. You can continue to get free email support, if you need it, for a week after your call or video appointment.

For the past year, I have been studying during my free time and have completed courses on:
Chronic Pain (there's new evidence about how the body responds to pain)
Exercising for Health, which is different from training for an event and is easier to achieve than you may think
The Musculoskeletal System and Ageing
Preventing Falls for Older People
Biochemistry (currently studying)

I also have qualifications in treating sports injuries, advanced bodywork and sports massage.

How does it work?

You can call me (07827 975 440) or email if you are interested in booking an appointment. If you email me, I'll reply with a list of questions so I can work out the best way to help you and whether or not the problem may resolve on its own, in which case, you can save your money. If you call me, I'll take down any details I need over the phone.

Once I have all the details from you, we can schedule an appointment, which will either be by phone or video call. You will need to have paid for the appointment beforehand. If you're doing a phone call, I can take your card details over the phone and process the payment at the start of the call.

Once your phone or video appointment is over, I will email you a treatment plan, which you should follow. Your treatment plan may include advice and exercises or stretches to help treat you and either prevent the problem recurring or manage it if it is ongoing or more serious. I will also be available for support via email for seven days after your appointment, should you have any questions you would like answered.

The support you receive from me is for you alone, based on your body and your lifestyle. Although our bodies are similar, how your body develops and changes is unique to you. Please note that I am not a physiotherapist or a medical health professional and I am therefore not able to diagnose or treat medical conditions. I may be able to help alleviate physical symptoms of conditions you have previously had diagnosed by a medical doctor or a physiotherapist.

Science and evidence

I spent 15 years practising sports and remedial massage and have completed evidence based courses to help update my knowledge of anatomy and physiology. I am a strong believer in science. There have been advances in the understanding of how the body adapts and adjusts to pain and there are new ways to help with chronic pain and discomfort, including tried and tested ways of easing stiffness and helping improve your health through active movement.


Initial video or phone appointment at a prearranged time and date, with seven days of email support, when needed = £30
An extra week of support by email only for seven days = £5
An extra week of support with one phone or video appointment and email support for seven days = £15

Please contact me by email to see if I can help you and if I can, we can book a time and date for a phone or video call. You can pay using the payment buttons on the Prices page or by bank transfer or credit card over the phone.

Help support The Bodywork Studio

I focus on science and evidence based therapy. The only products I sell are t-shirts, mugs and bags with mainly science slogans. I do not sell supplements or do therapies that are placebo at best or which may cause harm. You can help support my business in any of these ways: book an appointment, buy me a coffee, buy a t-shirt by clicking the Merchandise link or buy from my slightly more expensive range called I Believe In Science. Helping me stay in business, allows me to continue to educate my clients in the science of how their body works, why something has gone wrong and how to solve the problem, using science and evidence.
The Bodywork Studio used to be located on Upper Street, Islington in London, but now support is online so I can be where you are.
For the video call, I am very flexible with hours. We can schedule it when it suits you. If you need to put your kids to bed first, later in the evening is fine. If you are in a different time zone, we can arrange a time that works for you.

Cancellation Policy

If you've paid for a week of support and scheduled a video call, but need to reschedule your call, please give me as much notice as you can so I can offer the time to another client. If you have paid for a video call and you miss it without giving me prior notice, I will try to provide whatever email support I am able to for the rest of the seven days, but I may not be able to schedule a video call.